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Equinox 10k

7 down, 3 to go!

We did the Equinox 10km this weekend. Once again, the lovely Vicky and Vanessa Swain joined us for this event at Belvoir Castle in Grantham, Lincolnshire.

The route was very scenic with some tough hills to tackle and a lot of competitive runners involved!

Best of all, we got medals!

We now have just 3 challenges remaining and can confirm that Vicky and Vanessa will be joining us for all of them. They will be the Leicester Half Marathon with plenty other Edgar’s Gift runners on 26th October, the Winter Wolf Run on 1st/2nd November and the Santa Run on the 7th December!

Wish us luck for the final hurdle. Please sponsor what you can at



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The one where we ran into branches

So The Twilight Run happened this weekend and we had the lovely Vicky and Vanessa Swain joining us!

Now we were all under the impression that we were given head torches when we arrived…. No, no, no we were supposed to bring them with us!

Anyway we figured it won’t get that dark, we’re starting at 6.40pm.

Idiots – it was pitch black particularly in the forests!

We were running into branches, falling over, scraping our knees, injuring our ankles, legs, arms, fingers, toes and having the best time!

It was so much fun getting muddy, climbing over fences, walls, doing the monkey bars, carry tyres, running through fields forests slithering like snakes through tunnels and face first in mud. Wading through lakes, streams and bogs, balancing on beams, climbing over hay bales. It was fab!

Thanks so much for joining us Vick and Ness and thank you for your help increasing donations and sponsors.

This is now challenge 6 of 10 completed! If you are able to sponsor us that would be greatly appreciated, please visit


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Photos from Mudderella!

We got the official photographs through from Mudderella! 


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Mudderella UK

5 out of 10 Challenges are now complete! 

We completed Mudderella on Saturday, this was a 5 mile run with 12 obstacles in our paths. Not only did we complete this challenge but we were also the first to finish in our group! Woohoo! 

The challenges were: 

1. Head over Heels – Wheel barrow race 

2. Break the Glass Ceiling – Cargo net in the woods 

3. Down to the wire – Crawling under wires through a muddy pit 

4. Hay Girl Hay – Climbing over hay bales 

5. New Heights – Climbing up and over a wall 

6. Ground Hog Day – Climbing through tunnels under ground 

7. 50 Shades of Mud – Climbing up and over muddy hills into disgusting pools of stinky mud up to our waists

8. Skinny Jeans – Sliding through a tunnel into a muddy pool of water 

9. Dirty Downward Dog – Stretched across muddy pits hands on one side, feet on the other and shuffling along without falling in! 

10. Wheels in Motion – Swinging on tyres from one to the other 

11. Black Widow – Climbing up the tower to the top ready for… 

12. Hat Trick – 1.2m slide into a pool of freezing cold muddy water! 

It was a great challenge and enormous amounts of fun. Check out our pictures and a video of the event. 

If you would like to sponsor us please visit In two weeks we have the Twilight Run – a 10km obstacle course in the dark! 

Click here to watch the video on YouTube

Mudderella #mudderella Mudderella Finishers


1,2, 3 BUNGEE!

We did it! We completed our bungee jump and it was brilliant. Getting ready for the jump was so hard, we were very nervous and didn’t really want to do it but the actual jump was amazing! Check out our photographs and video evidence is on Facebook.

Sponsorships have really increased since this challenge. Thanks very much to everyone who has donated we appreciate it. If you would like to sponsor us, please visit we’re almost halfway there. Mudderella next week so we must get training!

Mudderella is a 7mile obstacle course similar to The Wolf Run and if that’s anything to judge by then it’s going to be pretty tough!








Phew, it’s over! Time for a pint.


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The Colour Run

Wow it was soo colourful! We had a great time at The Colour Run and would highly recommend anyone who wants to take part in an event next year to get involved with this (make sure you take a spare of every item of clothing).

Some of our photos are shown below, particularly love the one of our mascot Ellie the Golden Retriever getting involved pre-event photos!

Bungee jump is less than a week away now – yikes!

Nice and clean prior to the run…

Action shot selfie!

Party at the end!

What a mess but we did it 🙂

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Three Challenges in Three Weekends

We have three challenges in the space of three weekends starting next week – 16th August. 

16th August – The Colour Run – ‘The Happiest 5km on the Planet’ 

This is the first time The Colour Run will take place in Birmingham. Sponsored by Dulux, The Colour Run is what it says on the tin – a very colourful 5km run. We’re very excited and have got all of our Colour Run goodies including t-shirt, sweatband and poncho to keep us from covering everything in paint after the event. 5km isn’t too far and is certainly going to be one of our easiest events hopefully we’ll get this done in about 25 minutes provided we don’t get too distracted by all of the pretty colours! 

24th August – The Bungee Jump – ARGHHHHH! 

So, the weekend after we will be riding in a crane to 160ft in the air ready to jump out of it once we have reached the top. My palms are getting sweaty just typing this bit of the post, I’m finding myself a little short of breath, my heart rate is steadily increasing… It will be worth it once we’ve done it but WOW we’re nervous. This definitely covers our ‘mentally’ challenging side of events. 

31st August – Mudderella – 7 Mile Obstacle Course 

To finish off our three challenges in a row we’ve got a 7 mile obstacle course to complete at Boughton House, Kettering. Mudderella we think is going to be very similar to The Wolf Run, it’s the first time the event has come to the UK. This will be very physically challenging and will put us at the half way mark for our 10 Challenges. 

Wish us luck! 

We really appreciate everyone who has sponsored us so far for these challenges and we’re looking at a very good total following two events, our target is £3,000 so please do keep sponsoring. All of the events are entirely funded by ourselves so every penny raised goes towards Edgar’s Gift charity.

To sponsor, please visit

As always, any ideas to make our challenges that bit more daring to encourage you to sponsor please submit to one of us via Facebook, Twitter or Text. 


The Colour Run

Ahh we’ve just found out about a new event that we think we might just have to add to our list of 10 Challenges! The Colour Run in Birmingham looks like a fantastic opportunity to get really messy and colourful all in the name of charity. Not sure if the aim is to get as colourful as possible or finish the 5km in a short time, nevertheless we cannot wait…

The run takes place on 16th August and will be the 3rd of our 10 challenges. To sponsor us make sure you visit our Virgin Money page at

Thanks for all of your support so far we’re so grateful for everyone who has sponsored us 🙂


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The Wolf Run – we did it!

We made it through The Wolf Run and what a challenge it was! We lost count of the amount of obstacles we had to conquer but there were tractor tyres, woods, walls, ropes, balance beans, so many muddy areas, three lakes to swim through and many rivers to wade through!

It was such a great experience. Thank you to everyone who sponsored us. Below are some photographs from the day as well as our latest article in the Leicester Mercury who came to photograph us on the day :).






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Tips for motivating yourself to work out – The Results!

Feeling fresh today, perhaps it’s because I’ve been drinking far too much caffeine during my free time or could it be to do with the fact I’m back on track with the workouts thanks to motivational tips in the last blog?

If you want to catch up on the progress made from the last blog of motivational tips, keep reading. If you want to skip to the more important stuff click here…

Naturally as any person lacking motivation to workout would, I began with the best workout tip EVER:

Take Breaks – Monday morning I rewarded myself with a break for the fact that I spent so much time researching the top tips for working out.  *Round of applause* for achieving my first motivational step for working out?

On the Tuesday I accidentally tagged teamed two of the motivational tips by relieving stress and making it fun. Aha, I’m sure you’re probably not wondering how these two fit together but I’m going to tell you anyway – I coached gymnastics all day. 8.00am until 8.30pm! Trying to get 30 reception aged children to perform teddy bear rolls on a total of just 8 mats available is very stressful but also highly amusing so two birds one stone, feeling good :).

Wednesday came around and feeling pretty darn exhausted from the Tuesday I had big plans to stay in bed and play Borderlands on the Xbox all day long. Although I followed through with this plan I still took one hour out to do my Insanity workout which means I substituted unproductive activities with healthy ones.

Before I knew it, Thursday was upon us and as a reward for being so good all week I allowed myself another break

Oo baby it’s Friday – following a horrendous trip into town in the morning, I’m sure that driving in rush hour is one of THE MOST stressful things in the world, my workout was a great way to relieve the stress I was feeling. Yelling at Shaun T the guy from the Insanity videos really helped relieve stress. 

On Saturday Lydia and I took a run together and it was great because we’d both had time off from working out so following through with the whole run was a lot easier to have each other to motivate ourselves. Running with a friend is definitely my favourite motivational tip for working out.

I’ve not yet tried to hypnotise myself partly because I’ve not been on my own to really concentrate and get in the zone and partly because I’m scared I’m going to turn myself into a chicken for the rest of my life… Also I’ve not tried sleeping in my workout clothes so these are both on the agenda for future motivational activities!

The Important Stuff

The Wolf Run is in just over four weeks! Arghhhhh!

Have a look at what we will be facing in order to raise much needed funds for Edgar’s Gift.

So we’re really nervous but excited at the same time. This will be the second of our 10 Challenges. If you would like to sponsor us for these events please visit our Virgin Money page.

If these 10 challenges aren’t enough to make you want to sponsor us, do let us know what else we can do to make it more interesting. Any ideas for a mini challenge? Want to see us take on The Wolf Run in a tutu? We want to know what will get us more sponsorship so share you ideas below with a comment or get in touch via Facebook or Twitter @EdgarsLESJ.


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