Mudderella UK

5 out of 10 Challenges are now complete! 

We completed Mudderella on Saturday, this was a 5 mile run with 12 obstacles in our paths. Not only did we complete this challenge but we were also the first to finish in our group! Woohoo! 

The challenges were: 

1. Head over Heels – Wheel barrow race 

2. Break the Glass Ceiling – Cargo net in the woods 

3. Down to the wire – Crawling under wires through a muddy pit 

4. Hay Girl Hay – Climbing over hay bales 

5. New Heights – Climbing up and over a wall 

6. Ground Hog Day – Climbing through tunnels under ground 

7. 50 Shades of Mud – Climbing up and over muddy hills into disgusting pools of stinky mud up to our waists

8. Skinny Jeans – Sliding through a tunnel into a muddy pool of water 

9. Dirty Downward Dog – Stretched across muddy pits hands on one side, feet on the other and shuffling along without falling in! 

10. Wheels in Motion – Swinging on tyres from one to the other 

11. Black Widow – Climbing up the tower to the top ready for… 

12. Hat Trick – 1.2m slide into a pool of freezing cold muddy water! 

It was a great challenge and enormous amounts of fun. Check out our pictures and a video of the event. 

If you would like to sponsor us please visit In two weeks we have the Twilight Run – a 10km obstacle course in the dark! 

Click here to watch the video on YouTube

Mudderella #mudderella Mudderella Finishers



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