Three Challenges in Three Weekends

We have three challenges in the space of three weekends starting next week – 16th August. 

16th August – The Colour Run – ‘The Happiest 5km on the Planet’ 

This is the first time The Colour Run will take place in Birmingham. Sponsored by Dulux, The Colour Run is what it says on the tin – a very colourful 5km run. We’re very excited and have got all of our Colour Run goodies including t-shirt, sweatband and poncho to keep us from covering everything in paint after the event. 5km isn’t too far and is certainly going to be one of our easiest events hopefully we’ll get this done in about 25 minutes provided we don’t get too distracted by all of the pretty colours! 

24th August – The Bungee Jump – ARGHHHHH! 

So, the weekend after we will be riding in a crane to 160ft in the air ready to jump out of it once we have reached the top. My palms are getting sweaty just typing this bit of the post, I’m finding myself a little short of breath, my heart rate is steadily increasing… It will be worth it once we’ve done it but WOW we’re nervous. This definitely covers our ‘mentally’ challenging side of events. 

31st August – Mudderella – 7 Mile Obstacle Course 

To finish off our three challenges in a row we’ve got a 7 mile obstacle course to complete at Boughton House, Kettering. Mudderella we think is going to be very similar to The Wolf Run, it’s the first time the event has come to the UK. This will be very physically challenging and will put us at the half way mark for our 10 Challenges. 

Wish us luck! 

We really appreciate everyone who has sponsored us so far for these challenges and we’re looking at a very good total following two events, our target is £3,000 so please do keep sponsoring. All of the events are entirely funded by ourselves so every penny raised goes towards Edgar’s Gift charity.

To sponsor, please visit

As always, any ideas to make our challenges that bit more daring to encourage you to sponsor please submit to one of us via Facebook, Twitter or Text. 



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